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Anyone want to read a fic?

I've started a fic, been working on it on and off for a while and am at the point I'm re-reading what I've written and just don't know if this fic works. I'm wondering if anyone would like to read it for me? It's based on The Breakfast Club, set 20 years later at their class reunion. It's currently at about 11 Word pages. It's not complete, but I had worked on it some over the weekend and am setting down to re-read what I have so far. If it sucks or is just too off the wall I don't want to bother continuing. My muse has been hounding me to write it, though. So, I'm just not sure if I'm pushing myself in the right direction or not.

You can contact me at apckrfan@yahoo.com if you're interested in reading it.


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