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Sorry for the lack of updates

Life has been kicking my butt lately. Two full-time jobs, the holidays, my 99-year old grandmother being moved to a more hands-on memory care facility, 14 year old and 18 month old daughters. The realization that Grandma won't be around forever has led me to spending much of my free time with her when I can. She's the only thing of my mom I have left. I just don't know which end is up right now. What free time I do have, I've been reading.

Anyway, I appreciate the emails and everything I've gotten from everybody inquiring into my progress. I haven't even worked on any of my original stuff lately, so it's not just my fanfics that are suffering. Anything I do write for a while now I imagine will be shorties, just to fill my muses temporary need.

Happy holidays everybody!
Susan / apckrfan@yahoo.com

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