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An update

Hi All!

It’s been quite some time since I updated.

I’ve had some personal issues going on so my writing has progressed at a snail’s pace the past few years. I’m not going to go into detail, but things are on an upswing and I’m thrilled about that.

Recently, my external drive crashed and all of my work that I hadn’t already converted to HTML and uploaded to my website has been lost. Figuring out where to go from there hasn’t been easy.

I have decided, however, to take the crashing of my external drive as my “sign” that I need to start pursuing my endeavor to get my original works published again. I haven’t worked on my original stories in a very long time due to a multitude of reasons. I do feel I’m in the right place all around to start focusing on that again. I’m actually pretty excited, especially now that I have the idea of taking my completed manuscript I wrote after my son’s death 18 years ago and rewriting it. Same  plot, characters, and setting but I’m going to write it now instead of go back and edit what I wrote then. My writing has changed since then (I like to think for the better), so I think this will be a better option to getting my son’s story out there finally. My membership to Romance Writers of America has always remained current, but I let my local chapter membership lapse because there just wasn’t much point in belonging if I couldn’t get to the meetings. I’ve re-upped my membership to it and hope to start going to the meetings beginning in May.

What that means for my fan fiction. I doubt I’ll stop writing fanfic altogether, but for the time being I’m going to work on the following multi-chapter WIP’s (listed under the cut):

Adventures in Babysitting
When Your Day Is Long
Walk Through My Door

The Breakfast Club
Thrill To Every Line
Cold As Stone
Will You Still Remember Me
Once In Your Life
Slowly Melting

Slither/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes
Mending Broken Hearts

Tied Up In Knots

Can't Afford To Be Innocent

Veronica Mars
Playful Tease

I have two Gone With the Wind fan fictions that are unfinished, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll get them finished. I’m afraid that muse has left the building.

Once these fics are completed I don’t anticipate writing the longer, multi-chapter fics any longer.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me an email at apckrfan @ yahoo DOT com

If some of you decide to leave this journal as a result of this update, I completely understand. I hope one day, though, to use it to announce bigger and better things.

To all of you who have stood by me and read my work the past nineteen years or so, I appreciate you.

Susan / apckrfan
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