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apckrfan: unashamedly a hopeless fangirl!

A brief update

For anyone who's been waiting for updates from me I want to apologize. I've been going through a divorce and some issues with my daughter that distracted me a bit. The divorce has been finalized (now just to get him out of the house!) and the situation with my daughter is getting taken care of. So I'm in a better place to spend time writing.

I will have a new (complete) The Breakfast Club fic to post for this round of smallfandombang, which is what I spent what time I had to write the past few months working on since it had a due date.

Mostly what I have open right now is The Breakfast Club stuff with a couple of Adventures in Babysitting fics thrown into the mix. I also have a couple older pieces (Heroes and a BtVS/Slither/Heroes) that I plan on working again too, soon.

I've been hugely derelict at posting here when I do update so my website is the best place to find updates as I only post completed works at my fic journal.

Hope everyone had a good Easter and is having a blessed spring.


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