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Updates end-September - 2/10/15

Eep! I hadn't realized it'd been so long since I'd updated. Sorry to anyone who reads here.

As an aside to these updates, I participated in Round 4 of smallfandombang and completed a 204,000 word The Breakfast Club piece for that, which will be posted sometime in April I believe. So, keep an eye out for that if you read my TBC stuff.

Teach Me To Live
Through Part 28 added Oct. 11, 2014 and is now complete. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. Ten years after high school graduation, Claire has a reunion with some of her friends from school of a different variety. It's a Claire/John fic with some OCs. 2,769 words. (I did just post this piece at AO3, but have not uploaded it to FF.net or started posting it at my fic journal here yet.)

When Your Day Is Long WIP begun 10/16/2014

Through Part 2 added Oct. 21, 2014 and is a WIP. This is an Adventures in Babysitting fic. Chris gets not one but two unexpected visitors after she gets home from babysitting for the Anderson’s and Darryl. This will ultimately be a Chris/Dawson fic, but there may be some Chris/Dan in here as well. There will also be a slight crossover with my Breaking It Wide Open fic in The Breakfast Club fandom, in that the events of Breaking It Wide Open take place in the same universe as this fic but three years earlier. You don't need to know much beyond John works for Erik and has a daughter. 10,440 words.

Breaking It Wide Open
Through Part 9 added Feb. 9, 2015 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. Set about eight months after the events in the movie. John has a secret he managed to graduate high school without anyone finding out. Claire finds out inadvertently. It's a Claire/John fic with an OC as well as a bit of a crossover with Adventures in Babysitting. You don't have to have seen AiB to get this fic, I'm just borrowing some characters and this fic is set a few years before the events in AiB anyway. 5,109 words.

Cold As Stone
Through Part 7 added Feb. 10, 2015 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. Set about ten years after the movie. laire asks John for an unusual favor when she’s in a wedding where someone is trying to set her up with someone she doesn’t like. 4,738 words.
Tags: c:chris parker, c:claire standish, c:dawson, c:john bender, f:adventures in babysitting, f:the breakfast club, p:chris parker/dawson, p:claire standish/john bender, yr:2014, yr:2015

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