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My pen name and websites I post to...

Over the US Labor Day weekend I was contacted via PM on FF.net letting me know that someone had copied one of my Breakfast Club fics word for word (they didn't even change the title!) and posted it at Wattpad. When confronted not only did the person take down the story in question, but appears to have deleted the Wattpad account entirely.

Until this moment I've only once ever experienced someone coming close to "stealing" my work once before back in 2000 and that was someone who took a paragraph or two that I wrote and used it (word for word) as a spring board for their own idea. It was removed by the site administrators as soon as I and others mentioned that it wasn't cool to do without permission. (And, yes, I realize with fan fiction stealing is subjective.)

I've been writing for close to fifteen years and have contributed over 350 fan fiction stories in more than forty different fandoms. I've never had to post a statement like this until now. It saddens me that I have to, but here goes anyway:

The only pen name I have ever and will ever use is apckrfan.  I don't write under any other name. Ever. The only other reference you might see to me beyond my real name (Susan) is my website phantomroses.com.

The only sites I post my works to are:
My website, AO3, Fanfiction.net, LiveJournal, and Yahoo Groups.

The only website that I can think of that posts on my behalf or hosts my fics any longer is the I Will Remember You website in the BtVS fandom. However, those fics are still posted under my pen name, just hosted/posted there as part of their ficathon event.

If you see a work of mine posted elsewhere using a different name, please let me know.

As an FYI, the user's pen name at Wattpad was LuvMeDoo - I was not familiar with Wattpad to have been able to navigate my way around, but she had a few other stories (like 5-6) posted there. I left a note to her main comments section asking her to take the story down and informing her I'd reported her to not just Wattpad but also at the LJ community http://stop-plagiarism.livejournal.com/. Her response to me was:

@apckrfan. i'll take it down but to be fair John and. Claire are not yours so no plagiarism is involved since it's not copyrighted by you. I've done researches on this

Again, the account seems to be gone entirely now. The person who contacted me via FF.net indicated she and others have had this happen by this user, so I'm not sure whether she'll sprout up somewhere else or not.
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