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13 June 2014 @ 02:51 pm
Updates 4/15-6/13/2014  
I’m sorry I’m so sporadic about sending updates. I forget. Here are my updates for the past two months.
The WIPs are only available at my website until they’re complete. The complete fics are available at FF.net, AO3, LJ and Yahoo Groups.
Part 1 added Apr. 15, 2014 and is complete. This is a Twin Peaks fic. Set six years after the events of the show, Shelly has left Twin Peaks and is trying to make something of her life away from the bad memories of her marriage to Leo and time spent with Bobby Briggs. I'll admit this is smutty in part as a challenge to myself to see if I could write smut with these two. I don't see it as PWP, but I guess that's up to interpretation. This is a Shelly Johnson/Gordon Cole fic. Written for Round 3 of SmallFandomBang. 11,700 words.
Part 6 added Apr. 30, 2014 and is a work in progress. This is a Adventures in Babysitting fic. Chris goes into the city the following week to bring the five dollars owed to Mr. Dawson. There will be some Chris/Dan in this fic, but ultimately it's a Chris/Dawson fic. 4,157 words.
Part 4-Part 12 added May 07, 2014 and is complete. This is a The Breakfast Clubfic. What if unknowingly John got his wish of impregnating the prom queen that March day? This starts eight weeks after the movie, so the end of school is happening pretty fast. This is a Claire/John fic, though I can't guarantee the ride to that ending will be an entirely pleasant one. 2,302 words.
Part 1 added May 21, 2014 and is complete. This is a The Breakfast Club fic set the week of school after the events in the movie. Claire sees John after school Monday following detention because he seeks her out for a ride home. It's FRM and 6,455 words.
Thrill To Every Line
Part 1-Part 9 added June 7, 2014 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. Homecoming after graduation and old faces run into one another home from the various places they've scattered to. This is primarily a Claire/John fic, but there is some Allison/Andy in here, too. 2,135 words.
Part 6 added Jun. 13, 2014 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. As I was writing The One Your Mother Warned You About I wondered what would happen if Claire didn't tell John she was pregnant. This fic is a result of that thought process. It's set about 15 months after the events of the movie and is a Claire/John fic. 3,142 words.
Paynesgreypaynesgrey on June 17th, 2014 03:40 pm (UTC)
I'm definitely going to get to those Breakfast Club fics! <3