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Updates 4/6-4/14

I've been writing lately and I admit I'm out of the habit of updating here when I post things, so here's a list of everything I've posted in the past week or so.

As usual, links lead to my website. The new WIPs (AiB & TBC) can only be found there as I'm not posting incomplete works anywhere else anymore, but Mending Broken Hearts can be read here at my fic journal and the completed fics can all be found at AO3, FF.net, LJ, or Yahoo Groups if you prefer reading at any of those location.

Mending Broken Hearts *WIP*
Part 12-13 added Apr. 10 & 14, 2014 and is a WIP. This is a Slither/BtVS/Heroes crossover and sequel to The Nick of Time. Xander Harris has been assigned the task of keeping an eye on Wheelsy to be sure the disturbance that showed up on the Watcher's Council radar continues to be contained. This is a Kylie Strutemyer/Xander Harris fic with some Claire Bennet/Bill Pardy, too. Currently stands at about 46,000 words.

The One Your Mother Warned You About WIP begun 4/2014
Part 1-2 added Apr. 12-13, 2014 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. What if unknowingly John got his wish of impregnating the prom queen that March day? This starts eight weeks after the movie, so the end of school is happening pretty fast. This is a Claire/John fic, though I can't guarantee the ride to that ending will be an entirely pleasant one. Current stands at about 6,600 words.

Making Believe They're True
Part 1 added Apr. 12, 2014 and is complete. This is a Picture Perfect fic. After Mercer tells Kate to take a couple of days to go upstate but before she actually goes she has some time to think.. Written for smallfandomflsh #133-Ghost. 1,068 words.

A Curious Thing
Part 1-5 added Apr. 06-09, 2014 and is a work in progress. This is a Adventures in Babysitting fic. Chris goes into the city the following week to bring the five dollars owed to Mr. Dawson. There will be some Chris/Dan in this fic, but ultimately it's a Chris/Dawson fic. Currently stands at about 19,000 words..

A Sweetness Down in My Soul
Part 1 added Apr. 07, 2014 and is complete. This is an Adventures in Babysitting fic. Four years after the events in Adventures in Babysitting Chris Parker runs into the one person from that night she never expected to see again. This is a Chris/Joe fic with some Chris/Dan implied. Written for Round 3 of smallfandombang. 14,374 words.
Tags: c:bill pardy, c:chris parker, c:claire bennet, c:claire standish, c:dawson, c:joe gipp, c:kate mosley, c:kylie strutemyer, c:nick, c:xander harris, f:adventures in babysitting, f:btvs, f:heroes, f:picture perfect, f:slither, f:the breakfast club, p:chris parker/dawson, p:chris parker/joe gipp, p:claire bennet/bill pardy, p:claire standish/john bender, p:kate mosely/nick, p:kylie strutemyer/xander harris, yr:2014

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