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4 fics posted: Lecter series, Buffy/Law & Order xover, Heroes, Gone With the Wind

These Walls Added 02/25/2014 Part 1 added Feb. 25, 2014 and is complete. This is a Gone With the Wind gen fic. One of those odd ideas that struck me as I was driving and I had to write it down. The story told through the perspective of a different source. 1,030 words.

Homework Was Never Quite Like This
Parts 1-6 added and is complete. Claire has a Western Civilization professor who seems more interested in her than he should be and it's not very unsettling or creepy to her much to her dismay. General Heroes spoilers, though this is AU after Season 2. This is a Claire/Adam fic. 15,143 words.

Dying To Try
Parts 1-8 added. This fic is complete. Buffy is in New York educating various police forces about the preternatural. She meets Detective Mike Logan at a bar and a one-night stand turns into something more for the slayer and detective. General spoilers for all of BtVS and Law & Order, time's bent a little as far as the shows coinciding with Logan still on it. This is a Buffy Summers/Mike Logan fic. 20,865 words.

Following the Plan
Parts 1-11 added. This fic is complete. Just what events led up to Clarice deciding to become not just an FBI agent but wanting to join Jack Crawford's BSU. And what could cause her to leave her dreams behind? General spoilers for the Lecter series. This is a Clarice/Will Graham and Clarice/Lecter fic. (This fic started as a "What led Clarice to the FBI" fic and evolved into much more. This is a Clarice/Will Graham and Clarice/Lecter fic. 23,271 words.
Tags: c:adam monroe, c:buffy summers, c:claire bennet, c:clarice starling, c:hannibal lecter, c:mike logan, c:will graham, f:btvs, f:gone with the wind, f:heroes, f:law&order, f:silence of the lambs/hannibal, p:buffy summers/mike logan, p:claire bennet/adam monroe, p:clarice starline/hannibal lecter, p:clarice starling/will graham, p:none, yr:2014

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