apckrfan: unashamedly a hopeless fangirl! (apckrfan) wrote,
apckrfan: unashamedly a hopeless fangirl!

Happy 4th to all Americans!

I know it's been forever since I posted anything fic related - and I am working on that. I've been in quite a writing funk lately. I had to drop out of Round 2 at the smallfandombang last fall because I couldn't write anything. The idea was there, but it wouldn't come out even after four different drafts of the fic taking it in different directions. This week for the first time this year I opened Word. I haven't written anything yet, but the ideas are there, so I'm hoping they'll come out. It's summer and I'm busy with my kids and my grandson but I'm hoping at least I'll get something written to get me over this hump. My stress will be going down drastically next month because some areas in my life will finally be sorted out - so I'm hoping that will help me as well.

Hope all who celebrate has a happy and safe Independence Day!


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