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03 May 2012 @ 06:50 am
Updates thru May 3, 2012 (multi-fandom)  
This is everything I've posted since my last actual update in September 2011. Everything is posted complete to my fic journal: apckrfansfic except the most recent story Everybody Wants To Put Me Down, I will be posting a part a day, but it is complete at my website. I will try and get better at posting updates as I post stuff, I just get sidetracked too easily I guess.

  • Everybody Wants To Put Me Down
    Part 21 added May 3, 2012 and is complete. This is Heroes/Knockaround Guys crossover with general spoilers for both. Taylor Reese has joined his friend Matty in leaving the family business behind them. Trying to get his life together and legitimate he struggles to overcome his past and the connections still associated with his name. Claire's in New York with the Petrelli's. This is a crossover with the film Knockaround Guys and is a sequel to my BtVS/Knockaround Guys crossover Seventh Inning Stretch.
  • Taking A Chance
    Added April 18, 2012 and is complete in 10 parts. This is an Adventures in Babysitting fic with general spoilers for the entire movie, slightly AU ending. This was written for LJ community smallfandombang (sister comm to smallfandomfest), requirement was 10,000 words in a small fandom. I had this idea rolling around in my brain for a while so thought the big bang might actually get me to write it down. The kids weren't the only ones privy to Dan kissing Chris. More or less a coming of age story for Chris, deciding whether to branch out into territory her parents may not approve of and the result of those decisions. 32,000 +/- words.
  • Singular Side
    Added February 15, 2012 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Person of Interest fic with general spoilers for the first 14 episodes. It's a gen fic in response to the pofinterest-fic LJ community for Valentine's Day. 1,291 words.

  • Guilt and Sorrow
    Added 11/30/2011 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Willow centric Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic set during Season 2, specifically post-Passion. Written for the LJ comm Which Witch Ficathon. 1,418 words.
  • The Stuff Life Is Made Of
    Added 11/15/2011 and is complete in 7 parts. This is a Buffy/Angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic. Spoilers for both series entirely, no comics though. Ten years after Sunnydale was turned into a crater, Buffy uproots herself from a stable, relatively nice existence at Giles' request when a previously unknown about hellmouth is discovered in Florida. There she has to deal with an inexperienced slayer and encountering someone from her past she hasn’t seen for years. Written for 2011 IWRY Marathon. 29,949 words.
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