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ValleyCon report (Clare Kramer, David Weber)

Two posts in one day, don'[t keel over from shock!

This past weekend was Fargo's ValleyCon. I was so excited when I found out that Clare Kramer was the featured guest (the woman who plays Amanda on Nikita was also on appearance list originally but something must have happened because she was scratched last month).

I’m not going to say a whole lot about author David Weber. I didn’t dislike him, but holy cats can he ramble on and on and on about *nothing*. He, literally talked for over two hours. Stephy and I just didn’t have the patience to sit through the whole thing. I did stick around long enough to hear that it sounds like at least 4-5 Honor Harrington movies are guaranteed to be in the works, and the production company are giving him some control over scripting (technical stuff).

Onto Clare Kramer.

Oh my gosh. I cannot say enough how much of a class act she is. From her seeming genuine enthusiasm in talking to the people who got her autographed pics to her Q&A hour, she was just nice, personable, answered every question thrown at her. A couple were a little tricky, but she fielded them well, answered in a way that didn’t dis anybody. It sounds like she’s one of the people like Nathan who would say yes to Joss before even knowing what the project was because she enjoyed the experience of working for him so much. She’s a mother (her kids are 3-1/2 and 18 months) and she said the 3-1/2 year old is just starting to grasp her mom is famous. She said that Bring It On was on TV recently and they watched it, and the 3-1/2 year old was all “that’s mommy”. How cute :)

I asked her if she would let her kids watch Buffy, when age appropriate, and she said most definitely for sure.

She said she enjoys playing characters like Glory because that’s what acting is about, and playing someone so different than she is in real life. She said she was somewhat disappointed that her appearance in Season 7 was so brief, but that she was happy to do it (and that segued to what I said above, that she sounds like one of the people who would agree to work with Joss without much argument or negotiation involved). She said that working on Buffy was so great because she was just starting out and to work with so many established actors: Sarah, ASH, etc. was a great experience.

She told a funny story about her minions. She said they showed up hours before the rest of the cast to get their makeup put on and had to stay hours later than everyone to have the prosthetics removed, etc. So at the end of the season they in regular clothes sans makeup walked up to her to say how nice it was to work with her and she had no idea who they were! LOL

Anyway, she’s always been one of my favorites (the only woman I would ever say I’ve had a “crush” on), so I was so utterly and completely pleased to discover that she was just such a class act.

One other thing, there was a mom there who asked a question about advice she'd give to young aspiring actors (her son, about 16, was clearly the "young aspiring actor" in this case). Clare had great advice that included ensuring college was completed. She mentioned this in more than one answer fielded about this type of question, so it was nice to hear her give that advice (as a mother, I appreciated it LOL, not that my daughter has aspirations to be an actor, just saying, good to know she's imparts that advice on people).

Steph bought a couple of Buffy things, a South Park Kenny thing for the beau, and a pic of Clare in the red dress. (She bought the Buffy/Angel dolls I wanted, mean kid!)

I bought a vamp Buffy doll, an Angel doll, a devil Hello Kitty for my youngest, and a different pic of Clare in the red dress. I didn’t have too much money so had to be a little stingy. Tons of Star Wars goodies, which made me sad to leave behind :(

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