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The Return of Jill

Labor Day weekend our female cockatiel got out of the house and until tonight had been missing. We placed an ad in last week's paper but received no calls. On a whim, Lee called the pound and while they had no birds the guy Lee spoke to said that someone had placed an ad in the weekend paper about a cockatiel found across the river in Moorhead. We went tonight and it was Jill, a little thin but altogether she looked good. Jack (the male cockatiel) and the rest of us are sure happy to have her back. As Lee said, St. Anthony was looking out for us.

Onto the getting organized around the home front, Stephanie's room is painted so now it's a matter of going to storage this weekend to get some furniture. Then, Lee will paint our room and hopefully we'll have the storage unit emptied by October.

That's it for today!

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