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02 September 2009 @ 04:20 pm
Help jump-start my muse...  
It's going on almost a year now that I've been in this funk with my writing. I have ideas, I have things started, but every time I open Word I just sit there and stare at the screen.

Sooo, I'm going to see if any of you has a prompt - a song, a word, a sentence, a setting, a time period, a sequel to something of mine you've read. Really, any prompt, I'm just hoping for something that will inspire me as I've come up with zilch for so long now.

Feel free to comment here with any and all. Fandoms I cover: 
Adventures in Babysitting || Angel || Anita Blake || Bones || Breakfast Club || BtVS || Castle || Days of Our Lives || Dead Zone || Dexter || Doctor Who || Dollhouse || Drive || Firefly || Friday Night Lights || Fringe || Gilmore Girls || Gone With the Wind || Harry Potter || Heroes || Joan of Arcadia || LOST || Medium || Phantom || Psych || Sex & the City || Shark || Silence of the Lambs || Slither || Smallville || Stephanie Plum || Twin Peaks || Ugly Betty || Veronica Mars || Witchblade || X-Files

*Bones-up to S3, Smallville-up to S5, Ugly Betty up to S2 as I'm behind on them

You can drop me an LJ PM or email if you'd rather. Just put something eye-catching in the subject line so I know it's not spam.
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literarydemon on September 2nd, 2009 10:22 pm (UTC)
Writing prompts
I am currently having a writing funk myself. I don't know much about the shows you have mentioned. I have watched several episodes of smallville, bones, and a few buffy and angel but not enough to write some fan fic so rather than use one of those fandoms and get the characters or situations wrong I will give you a paragraph and see what you can do with it.. use it or not its just an idea.

Tyler just stood at the top of the stairs staring at the limp body on the floor below. It had all happened so fast.One moment they were arguing and the next she was screaming. Her screaming stopped abruptly when her head hit the floor and the sound of her neck breaking made an odd popping sound. Just as quickly as it happened it was over. The girl he loved was gone but he wasn't able to grieve now. Tyler had to do something quick, her parents would be home in a few hours and he couldn't leave her like this.

Well just a start. Might get your creative juices flowing or not. If you do make it into a story I'd love to read it.