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Flooding in Fargo / apckrfan's OK for now

I've gotten a couple of emails from people who know I'm in Fargo, so I'm posting this here. I appreciate the concern!

We've already broken the historical mark set back in 1897 of 40.1 feet and the river is still rising. Evacuations in our sister town of Moorhead have escalated to a much larger chunk of houses - for those familiar with the area all house South of Main and West of 8th Street South clear down to 52nd Avenue South. (One of the houses my grandpa built is among those, I'll have to check on it when this is over.) Some residents in South Fargo are being evacuated. Hospitals have been moving patients. Roadways are closed, people are asked to stay off the roads unless they have to go out so that emergency personnel, city personnel, workers and volunteers can get through quickly. The mayor has asked businesses to take the day off. I just got a call from McD's that we're closing for the day.
River is expected to crest at over 42 feet (possibly 43') sometime tomorrow. And then these sandbag dikes will have to hold that water back for up to a week or more. They're saying some of the colder weather may help a little because precipitation will come in the form of snow not rain, but there is rain forecasted later on in next week.
Our house is OK. Hubby's worried about drains backing up in the basement but that's about it. Our house isn't even on a map of any "concern zones" at the moment, so that's good. He used "the girls" bathroom upstairs today to shower. He's been working 13-14 hour days this week hauling sand to "sandbag central". He leaves at 6:30am, gets home after 10pm basically to eat and sleep, goes back out again.
That's all I know for now. I tend to update Facebook more, I'm there under Susan Matthews Falk (I think this is the right link): http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=590935090 Feel free to add me or drop me an email: apckrfan @ gmail.com

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