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Pick Your Favorite TV Series (Detailed List Provided)

Fantasy And Sci-Fi TV Shows List

Below you will find a list of fantasy and sci-fi TV shows from the 50s' to the present. Select your Top Five (and only five) from each decade. In the event I missed one of your favorites feel free to list it as well. Since there have been some completely different incarnations of Doctor Who you can include them on the decades that followed the original introduction of the Doctor to TV.
The 50s'
The Adventures Of Superman – 50s'
Alfred Hitchcock Presents – 50s'
Captain Midnight – 50s'
Commander Cody – 50s'
The Invisible Man (1958)
The Man And The Challenge – 50s
Men Into Space – 50s'
One Step Beyond – 50s'
Science Fiction Theater – 50s'
Lights Out – 50s'
The Veil – 50s'
Tales Of Tomorrow – 50s'
Space Patrol – 50s'
The Twilight Zone – 50s'
World Of Giants – 50s'

The 60s'
The Addams Family – 60s'
The Avengers – 60s'
Batman – 60s'
Dark Shadows – 60s'
Dr. Who – 60s'
The Invaders – 60s'
Journey Into The Unknown – 60s'
Lost In Space – 60s'
Land Of The Giants – 60s'
The Outer Limits – 60s'
The Munsters – 60s'
The Prisoner – 60s
Star Trek – 60s'
Boris Karloff Presents Thriller – 60s'
The Time Tunnel – 60s'
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea – 60s'
The Wild Wild West – 60s'
Way Out – 60s'

The 70s'
Amazing Spiderman – 70s
The Bionic Woman – 70s'
Battlestar Galactica – 70s
Blakes 7 – 70s'
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century – 70s'
Ghost Story – 70s'
The Immortal – 70s'
The Invisible Man – 70s'
Land Of The Lost – 70s'
Kolchak The Night Stalker – 70s'
Logan's Run – 70s'
The Man From Atlantis – 70s'
Moonbase 3 – 70s'
The Night Gallery – 70s'
Planet Of The Apes – 70s'
Quark – 70s'
Salvage One – 70s'
Six Million Dollar Man – 70s'
Cliffhangers – 70s'
Space 1999 – 70s'
U.F.O. – 70s'
Wonder Woman – 70s'

The 80s'
Alien Nation – 80s'
Amazing Stories – 80s'
Beauty And The Beast – 80s'
Darkroom – 80s'
Friday The 13th The Series – 80s'
Galactica 1980 – 80s'
Greatest American Hero – 80s'
Max Headroom – 80s'
Misfits Of Science – 80s'
Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 80s'
Otherworld – 80s'
Powers Of Matthew Star – 80s'
Quantum Leap – 80s'
Ray Bradbury Theater – 80s'
Freddy's Nightmares – 80s'
Showtime's Creature Features – 80s'
Hammer House Of Horrors – 80s'
Red Dwarf – 80s'
Star Cops – 80s'
Star Trek The Next Generation – 80s'
Tales From The Crypt – 80s'
Tales From The Darkside – 80s'
Twilight Zone (1985)
Voyagers – 80s'
War Of The Worlds – 80s'
Monsters – 80s'
Wizards And Warriors – 80s'
V – The Series – 80s'
Werewolf – 80s'

The 90s'
American Gothic – 90s
Babylon 5 – 90s'
Lois And Clark – 90s'
Beyond Reality – 90s'
The Burning Zone – 90s'
Dark Skies – 90s'
Earth 2 – 90s'
VR.5 – 90s'
Farscape – 90s'
Harsh Realm – 90s
Hercules Legendary Journeys – 90s'
Highlander – 90s'
Xena Warrior Princess – 90s
The Outer Limits – 90s'
Buffy The Vampire Slayer – 90s'
Seaquest DSV – 90s'
Sliders – 90s
Space Rangers – 90s'
Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – 90s'
Space Above And Beyond – 90s
Star Trek Voyager – 90s'
Stargate SG1 – 90s'
The Sentinel – 90s'
The X-Files – 90s'
Twin Peeks – 90s
Total Recall 2970 – 90s'
Eerie Indiana – 90s'
Beastmaster – 90s
Prey – 90s'
Robocop – 90s'
Space Precinct – 90s
The Tick – 90s'
Time Cop – 90s'
The Visitor – 90s'
Lexx – 90s
M.A.N.T.I.S. – 90s'
The Hunger – 90s'

2000 - Present
All Souls
Dead Like Me
The Immortal
The Invisible Man
The Lone Gunman
Night Stalker
Night Visions
Nightmare Room
Strange Frequency
Cleopatra 2020
True Blood
Fear Itself
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Dark Angel
Star Trek Enterprise
The Dead Zone
The 4400
Dinotopia The Series
The Ghost Whisperer
Masters Of Horror
The Others
The Relic Hunter
Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Twilight Zone 2002
Wolf Lake
Stargate Atlantis
Life On Mars
The Dresden Files
The Lost Room
Alien Hunter
7 Days
Jake 2.0
Joan Of Arcadia
Birds Of Prey

Here's my list. The shows from the 50s and 60s I only saw in reruns and only a few of them at best have I seen. So, slim pickings there.
The Twilight Zone
The Addams Family
The Munsters
The Bionic Woman
Planet of the Apes
Six Million Dollar Man
Wonder Woman
The 80s:
Beauty & the Beast
Quantum Leap
The 90s:
Angel the Series
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Twin Peaks
The X-Files
The Dead Zone
Doctor Who
The 4400
Joan of Arcadia
*Yeah, I chose 6 from this decade. If I was forced to drop one, I guess it'd be The 4400. I had to really think about including JEKYLL, which I thoroughly enjoyed and will begin hunting down Nesbitt's other works because of this one. But it was only 6 episodes, so hard to get a handle on whether it's really an all-time favorite as compared to some other ones. And Fringe is turning into one of my favorites, but it's still really early to tell. Heroes. Well, loved Season 1, liked Season 2, not thrilled with Season 3 so far. So, I honestly wasn't even tempted to list it here. Same with LOST.

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