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14 October 2008 @ 12:00 pm
Adv. in Babysitting & Witchblade fics added  
Now or Never
Added Oct 10, 2008 and is completein 1 part. This is an Adventures in Babysitting fic with general spoilers for the movie. Just how far is Chris willing to stray from her mom's rules to spend time with a guy not entirely welcome at her house. This is a Chris Parker/Joe Gipp fic and is written for SmallFandomFlsh prompt #13: dare. 2,277 words.

Easy As Fishing
Added Oct 14, 2008 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Witchblade fic with spoilers during Season 1, Diplopia (1x03). Sara seeks Ian out after finding out Gabriel was warned away from talking to her about the Witchblade. It's a Sara/Ian fic and is rated FRAO (barely). It's a sequel to Wanna Know What's Inside You, written for elliesmeow who wanted Sara to find out what Ian's hair really felt like. 2,184 words.