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Welcome! About this journal, friending policy, contacting me, etc.

Welcome to the LiveJournal belonging to apckrfan .

At this journal you will find updates on fan fiction posted. The links in each post will lead you to my web site. Unlike my Yahoo Group fic update list, I post to this journal in real-time (theoretically). So, every time I put up new fic this journal will be updated (I try to combine multiple submissions for any one day in one post) where my Yahoo Group is updated a maximum of once weekly.

Fic can also be found at my fic journal: apckrfansfic , FanFiction.net, Network54, ProBoards, and Yahoo Groups. Obviously, FRAO/NC-17 content cannot be found at FanFiction.net. To this point, all of my fics are posted at LiveJournal, with one exception because of underage content that fell under the questionable parameters of LJ's TOS.

Looking for more personal posts from me, you can find them at apckrfan_2 . Admittedly, I don't post often beyond book recs and sports facts of the day, but occasionally I'll use LiveJournal to, well, journal.

Important links:
My web site: phantomroses.com
LJ fanfic updates: apckrfan 
LJ fic: apckrfansfic 
LJ personal journal: apckrfan_2 
Yahoo Groups fanfic updates: apckrfansfic
Yahoo Groups fic: apckrfansfic2

My profile is pretty detailed as far as "about me" and listing my interests. The interests for this and my fic journal are fandom extensive where my personal journal has broader, more general interests.

I use tags and you can also find me at del.icio.us if a tag has expired. At the moment, everything at del.icio.us goes to LiveJournal, eventually I'll add links to my website, too, but I started using it so that I wouldn't lose tags.

Friending policy: As there's nothing on this journal but fic updates with the occasional fandom meta or OC post (very occasional), feel free to friend me or my fic journal if you'd rather be apprised of the actual fic. You won't find any locked entries at this journal, though.

Have a prompt you'd like to give me, visit this post here and I'll do my best to fulfill it.

Contacting me: I'm always up for a good chat or dialogue. You can reach me via:
E-mail: apckrfan @ yahoo . com (Please put something in the subject line that will get my attention so I don't think it's spam)
AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gizmo, MySpace: apckrfan, MSN: apckrfan@hotmail
Facebook/Xanga/Yahoo 360/MySpace/Shelfari/Good Reads: apckrfan

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