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Twin Peaks, Slither/BtVS/Heroes, Heroes, Breakfast Club

Nothing Broken, Nothing Thrown
Part 1 added Jul 03, 2008 and is complete. This is a Twin Peaks fic with general spoilers for the series. Certain she saw Leo in her house, a frantic Shelly pays an unexpected visit to Gordon at the Great Northern. Written for SmallFandomFlsh Prompt 5: Rain. This is part of a series of stand alones I've been writing involving Shelly & Gordon. The first one is Kissed Her and Then and the second is Time To Plant. While this does build on the previous stories, you won't be lost if you haven't read them. 1,543 words.

Mending Broken Hearts *WIP*
Part 3 added Aug 24, 2008 and is a WIP. This is a Slither/BtVS/Heroes crossover and sequel to The Nick of Time. Xander Harris has been assigned the task of keeping an eye on Wheelsy to be sure the disturbance that showed up on the Watcher's Council radar continues to be contained. This is a Kylie Strutemyer/Xander Harris fic with some Claire Bennet/Bill Pardy, too. 4,799 words.

Where She Belongs
Added Aug 27, 2008 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Heroes fic with spoilers for everything aired, though it takes place in some undetermined point in the future. Peter's surprised at his reaction to seeing Claire with a date for a wedding they both attend. It's a gen fic with Claire/Peter (canon) undertones. It's written for LJ community PaireChallenge One-Shot challenge #2: Breathe. 930 words.

You Put the Magic In Me
Added Aug 28, 2008 and is complete in 1 part. This is a The Breakfast Club fic and is a Claire/John fic. Claire's got a secret she's too ashamed to come clean about and John's going along with it, too addicted to put a stop to it. It's written for SmallFandomFlsh prompt #9: SECRET. 1,260 words.
Tags: f:btvs, f:heroes, f:slither, f:twin peaks, p:claire bennet/peter petrelli, p:claire standish/john bender, p:kylie strutemyer/xander harris, p:shelly johnson/gordon cole, yr:2008

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