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05 June 2008 @ 05:09 am
Heroes & Heroes/Gossip Girl fic added  
Tremble Like A Flower
Part 1 added May 25, 2008 and is complete. This is a Heroes fic set post-S2. The Haitian volunteers to help with a job Claire is on, leading to her get a little more than she bargained for out of the deal. This will fulfill heroes50 Prompt #41: Crimson. It's a Claire/Haitian fic and is FRAO. 3,756 words.

New Girl In Town Part 1 added May 29, 2008 and is complete. This is a Heroes and Gossip Girl crossover with spoilers thru Heroes S1 and Gossip Girl 1x13. This is really a Claire/Haitian fic, just set in the Gossip Girl-verse. Claire is the newest to join the Upper East Side's student body at Constance Billiard & St. Jude. 3,935 words.