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Multi-part Heroes/Slither fic added *complete in 8 parts*

The Nick of Time
Part 1 thru 8 added May 08, 2008 and is complete. This is a Heroes/Slither crossover. Claire has taken a job in the small town of Wheelsy in an attempt to stay under The Company's radar. This is actually set a bit in the future as far as Heroes goes. Claire's managed to finish college. The events of Slither, on the other hand, happened recently in this story. This is a Claire Bennet/Bill Pardy fic. 37,446 words.

(I will be adding this to my fic LJ and Yahoo Group, just not all at one time, so if you prefer to read it here just keep watching apckrfansfic
Tags: c:bill pardy, c:claire bennet, f:heroes, f:slither, p:claire bennet/bill pardy, yr:2008

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