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More Innocent, New Heroes fic

Can't Afford To Be Innocent
Through Part 10 added and is a WIP. This is a Heroes fic. Claire was abducted from the Bennet's years ago and not found until recently, despite Noah's best efforts at locating her. This is a darker fic than what I usually write. It will ultimately have a happy ending, but I'm not sure how pleasant the ride's going to be. It is a Claire/Haitian fic.

Chained To Your Side
Added Jan. 06, 2008 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Heroes fic and is FRAO/NC-17. Claire makes an interesting request of The Haitian and Adam. This is a Claire/Haitian/Adam fic and is set in the future with general spoilers for the series.
Tags: c:adam monroe, c:claire bennet, c:the haitian, f:heroes, p:claire bennet/haitian/adam monroe, p:claire bennet/the haitian, yr:2008

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