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Offering fic at fire_fic

I'm offering fic for the cause at fire_fic. Most of you know the fandoms I cover, or what you read of mine anyway (just in case a rundown is at the bottom of this message). I'm offering around 2,500 word fics. I just can't do much more than that right now with real-life issues and commitments.

Read about the cause here with links to sources verifying the legitimacy of the cause.

See my list of offerings and request my fic here.

Any fandom, any pairing (with my usual exception of Angel/Cordelia), any rating. I heard about this from dragonydreams, whose fic services I bid on there.

I think it's great that fandom is pulling together like this, it gives us a good name!


Fandoms covered:
Adventures in Babysitting, Angel, Anita Blake, Bones, The Breakfast Club, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Days of Our Lives, The Dead Zone, Firefly/Serenity, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls (I'm a season behind on this one), Gone With the Wind, Heroes*, Joan of Arcadia, Lost, Medium, Phantom of the Opera, Psych, Sex and the City, Shark, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal, Smallville (I'm behind on this one, too, having caught as much of last season over the summer as I could), Stephanie Plum, Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars, Witchblade, X-Files*

Fandoms I could do but haven't branched into yet:

The Closer, The 4400, Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, House, October Road, Supernatural

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