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25 May 2007 @ 06:09 am
Heroes & Firefly fics added  
Young, Special Americans
Added May 24, 2007 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Heroes fic. Spoilers through all of Season 1. Claire meets the company's tracking system for the first time. There is no pairing and the fic features Claire Bennet, Molly, Noah Bennet, Mohinder Suresh, etc. with an appearance by The Haitian cuz I want him here and found him sorely lacking in the last few episodes. This is for LJ community 50timesimetyou Prompt #22-Kidnapping and heroes50 Prompt #15-Child. This is not part of a my "Mexico" series, is a gen fic, and does stand alone.

Positive Affirmations
Part 12-13 added May 23-24, 2007 and is a WIP. This is a Firefly fic set post-Ariel. Simon unwittingly altered things for River when sneaking her into the Alliance hospital for the tests. Now, back on Serenity after a spell of not feeling well, River's just completed a test of a very different kind and for once isn't too sure what the results mean. Set post-Ariel, AU after that. This is a River Tam/Mal Reynolds fic. This is written for 50_baby_fics LJ community challenge.