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Heroes Fic Added

Just A Minute Longer
Added Apr. 14, 2007 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Heroes fic. Claire and The Haitian continue their trip away from Odessa and Mr. Bennet. The Haitian wakes Claire up calling her name only he's still sleeping and she takes the opportunity to do some late-night exploring. This continues my series about Claire and The Haitian I began with Drowning In It set after Company Man. This is the fifth part, you don't really need to read the first four to get this but I'd love it if you did. Part 2 is Take Back the Night, Part 3 is Swim With the Fishes, Part 4 is That Sparkle In Her Eyes. Really, I'm just using the setup I've established of the two of them being on the run after Company Man.
Tags: c:claire bennet, c:the haitian, f:heroes, p:claire bennet/the haitian, prompts:heroes50: claire/the haitian, yr:2007

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