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Heroes fic added

Swim With the Fishes
Added 03/31/2007 and is complete in 1 part. This is a Heroes fic. Claire and The Haitian continue their trip away from Odessa and Mr. Bennet. Claire convinces the Haitian to take a break for some much needed R&R. This is written for heroes50 LJ challenge, Prompt #07-Swim and is continuing the situation I started in my fic Drowning In It for Prompt 34 and Take Back the Night for Prompt 03. This stands alone while continuing the universe I created in Drowning In It. Timeline: Set about two weeks after Company Man.
Tags: c:claire bennet, c:the haitian, f:heroes, p:claire bennet/the haitian, prompts:heroes50: claire/the haitian, yr:2007

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