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30_fluffs challenge table

For 30_fluffs  I've chosen:
Firefly: River Tam/Jayne Cobb
Bonus Challenge: Weapons
01.teddy bear; doll 02.a ring; promise 03.transportation; farewell 04.misunderstanding; a heartfelt apology 05.sunrise; sunset
06.beach; park 07.eternity; time 08.the first time around; first impressions 09.daisies; wisterias 10.playing pretend; dress up
11.favorite; dislike 12.food; picnic 13.magic; illusions 14.lies; trickery 15.date; a meeting
16.banter; sarcasm 17.a hot day; ice cream 18.homework; distraction 19.language; translation 20.sunday; morning
21.night sky; veil 22.pets 23.a rose is a rose by any other name 24.heirloom; priceless 25.a distant place; memory
26.carnival; activity 27.diary; secret 28.falling; injury 29.pillow; sleep 30.love; fluff
Tags: prompts:30_fluffs: river/jayne, prompts:challenge tables

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