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Updates 2/11/07

No More Free Rides
Part 2 added Feb. 06, 2007. This fic is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic and is in response to a challenge. See the notes on the index page for the full challenge. Basically, to sum it up, it's set a few months after the movie, Andrew Clark's at college on a scholarship close to home with his father still very active in his wrestling. Secretly seeing Allison Reynolds, she ends up pregnant. What's Andy going to do?

Through Part 2 added Feb. 11, 2007 and is a WIP. This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic with spoilers through both shows, and vague spoilers from the Season 8 comic book preview that's available on the Internet (which is canon per Joss). Buffy receives an offer of help from a most unlikely source. Graham Miller has recently been discharged from the Army due to an injury leaving him without part of his left leg. Not one to forget all that he’s seen and learned over the years, he seeks out Buffy Summers and the Watchers’ Council. This is a Buffy/Graham fic.
Tags: c:buffy summers, c:graham miller, f:btvs, f:the breakfast club, p:buffy summers/other, yr:2007

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