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Working on more Girl Gets Around

This week has been hectic and I've found I've had little time to write. Getting used to 5am wakeups and balancing full-time out of house job, part-time in house job and being mother and wife is an adjustment.

I am working on Part 8 of The Girl Gets Around. I've started it, scrapped it and restarted it at least four times this week but I think a doable idea has finally come to me. We'll see.

Part 4 of Identifiable is slowly but surely coming together as well. I'm a little less certain about the path this fic is taking because of the challenge requirements.

Part 2 of Retrieval is coming along but it's not as easy as I thought having Ranger meet Buffy, so it's taking me time to get it "right".

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on all of my fics!


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