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More Seventh Inning Stretch / New Breakfast Club fic

I've added through Part 12 of Seventh Inning Stretch. This fic is a WIP. This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Knockaround Guys crossover. Buffy Summers encounters a sports agent in Las Vegas who just recently moved to LA from the East Coast while working as a security specialist to put herself through college. What she thinks is a one-night stand makes her life incredibly more complicated than it should.

I've begun my first multi-part The Breakfast Club fic and it's not Claire/Bender! No More Free Rides is in response to a challenge at the FF.net TBC FF forum issued by TessieIII. The challenge is as follows:
1) Andy is in college on a wrestling scholarship. He's still close to Shermer and his Dad still controls his training regime. Unbeknownst to his Father, Andy has been dating Allison for the past couple months.
2) Allison unexpectedly gets pregnant. Andy knows that his Dad will cut him off financially if he finds out what's happened, not to mention stop speaking to him. Does Andy continue his education for his family, or give up everything he's ever had for Ally?
Tags: c:buffy summers, c:matty demaret, f:btvs, f:the breakfast club, p:buffy summers/other, yr:2007

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