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First day back at work...

No fic updates today.

It was my first day back at work after 12 weeks of maternity leave. It was good to be back, as sad as it is to admit that. The passengers, drivers and the administrative staff seemed happy to have me back. It's so nice to be appreciated, especially when the job is pretty thankless.

It's Lee's first day on night route for a few years. I'll be in bed by the time he gets home, so I'll see him in the morning. He was a little frazzled today, had hoped for a nap I think but there's just a never ending list of things to do around here. (For those who don't know and wonder why I have so much computer time with so much to do, I have a job that I do from home on my computer in addition to my full-time out of home job.)

Stephanie is taking this swim team thing pretty seriously. I thought for sure she would lose interest but she hasn't. Good for her! Her first meet is September 1.

That sums it up for today! Talk to everyone tomorrow! To those I've grown accustomed to talking to nights over my leave, I miss ya already!


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