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More added

I've added through Part 10 of my Buffy/Lindsey and Buffy/Angel fic Anne-onymous

In writing Anne-onymous, I discovered that Buffy & Lindsey pairing intrigues me, so I've started a full-fledged Buffy/Lindsey fic. Home Sweet Home is set post-Prophecy Girl. Buffy is visiting her dad for the summer and meets a young attorney, a budding romance emerges that makes Buffy question returning to Sunnydale. Obviously, it's AU after Prophecy Girl. Two parts have been added thus far.

I also added a of Buffy/Giles PWP fluff set after Something Blue. Truth Doesn't Have to Hurt is a one-shot deal and is complete.

That's it for today!
Tags: c:angel, c:buffy summers, c:lindsey mcdonald, c:rupert giles, p:buffy summers/angel, p:buffy summers/lindsey mcdonald, p:buffy summers/rupert giles, yr:2006

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