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More added

My Buffy/Bones crossover Just the Way You Are is complete at 9 parts.

I've begun another Buffy/Giles fic, I've been in a Buffy/Giles mood this month for some reason. In A Pinch is set post about 18 months after the end of Buffy. Buffy & Giles are vacationing in NYC for the holidays and when Giles runs into an old friend, Buffy pretends to be his fiance. Only, it turns out, it's not such a hardship for her to pretend.

I've added a short little one-shot Bones fic. One To the Kisser is set during Woman In the Sand (2x08) when Booth & Brennan are in Vegas trying to infiltrate the underground boxing ring.

That's it for now.
Tags: c:angel, c:buffy summers, c:rupert giles, c:seeley booth, c:temperance brennan, f:bones, p:buffy summers/angel, p:buffy summers/rupert giles, p:buffy summers/seeley booth, p:temperance brennan/seeley booth, yr:2006

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