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Fics added

I've added a Breakfast Club fic. Bikini Season is set the summer after Claire's freshman year of college. She visits a busy Chicago beach with other former Shermer students. It's complete Part 1 of 1. Added Oct. 26, 2006

No Vagabond Shoes is a 1 Part Sex and the City fic set after the series ended. Added Oct. 23, 2006

To Live and Die In LA Part 10 added Oct 23, 2006 - Set post both shows, Buffy is in LA with Dawn on Spring Break and runs into the last person she expected to see on a sunny beach. B/A
Tags: c:angel, c:buffy summers, c:carrie bradshaw, c:claire standish, c:john 'mr. big', c:john bender, f:sex and the city, f:the breakfast club, p:buffy summers/angel, p:carrie bradshaw/john 'mr. big, p:claire standish/john bender, yr:2006

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