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New B/S & Plum fic added

I've added a little Spuffy Halloween treat. Trick or Tricks is a bit of PWP set during Season 2's Halloween.

I've added a bit of Stephanie & Ranger fluff from Stephanie Plum's world. Holiday Cheer is set after the novella Visions of Sugar Plums. Ranger visits Stephanie on Christmas Eve.

Next up should be a Veronica & Weevil fic, a sequel to Don't Mess With Her which was set during Season 1 Echolls Family Christmas.
Tags: c:buffy summers, c:eli 'weevil' navarro, c:ranger manoso, c:spike, c:stephanie plum, f:stephanie plum, f:veronica mars, p:buffy summers/spike, p:stephanie plum/ranger manoso, p:veronica mars/eli 'weevil' navarro, yr:2006

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