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22 August 2004 @ 04:45 pm
More Girl Gets Around & Identifiable added  
I go back to my full-time out of the house job tomorrow after 12 weeks of maternity leave. I can't believe how the time has flown! I'll still be on the computer regularly, though, because I'll still be working the chat hosting job I've been doing while on leave. Our oven element went out on Friday, out water heater is on its last leg and there's still so much to do around here - so extra income will be nice. We went to the company picnic this afternoon, it was a windy day and Claire got pretty mad after about an hour so I brought her home.

On to the fics I've added:

I've added through Part 6 of The Girl Gets Around (B/A) at my site: http://www.phantomroses.com/apckrfan/fanfic/BtVSfic/girlgetsaroundindex.html

I've added through Part 3 of Identifiable (B/R) at my site:

That's all today!
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