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Original manuscript query ....

As most of you know, I have dabbled in non-fan fiction writing and am trying to get myself published. I have one completed manuscript and another that I’m about 90 pages into, and then a few that aren’t started enough to worry about. I’m in the process of doing some heavy sentence / line editing, working on strengthening my showing versus telling in the completed manuscript and the other I’m heavily into.

Here’s what I’m looking for: someone who would be willing to compare a sentence, paragraph or two and tell me which sounds better. I could work around your schedule because I’d continue editing and have the revisions highlighted. So, this would be at your convenience.

FYI, the manuscript is a romance set in 1924 Chicago and is about a young woman pursuing a career in singing. She gets a job at a speak easy and finds herself in a personal relationship with the club’s owner. There’s more to it, of course, but that’s the story in a nutshell. Again, this wouldn’t be pages and pages at a time. The incomplete one is a contemporary set in Orlando about a woman housesitting for her friend as her much needed vacation. She’s a divorcee whose husband cleaned her out, left her with nothing but a pregnancy which she eventually lost.

Anyone interested, drop me an email at apckrfan@yahoo.com Please make the subject line something about "manuscript" so I don't delete as junk *s*


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