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New HP HG/SS fic posted @ FFnet & AO3

Posted Chapter 1 of my next completed story: Penny Candy Lover today. It starts 7 years post-war, no warnings, is rated T. I will be posting Sun & Wed:

Summary: Seven years post-war, Hermione works a second job weekends at a local corner store near where she grew up that also has a small arcade with video games for the neighbor kids to play. The store is on the ground floor of a small residential building. She gets to know a young customer who comes in for various things and to play games the days she’s working. Always by himself. Always polite. She’s shocked when she discovers who his parents are.

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Fic posted: HP HG/SS — one shot & multi chapter

I posted a HP HG/SS one-shot In My Dreams. It's about 5K and stands alone:

Hermione returns to Hogwarts after a five year absence and is experiencing dreams that she thinks may be her great grandmother (Christine from Phantom) passing along a personal message. This is anti-Ron and there is the hint of domestic abuse, but it is not depicted.



I've also started posting a multi-chapter fic also HP HG/SS. It's complete in 13 parts plus an epilogue. I'm posting Sunday & Wednesday, and to date have posted Chapter 3:

Having taken her NEWTs independently after Voldemort’s death, Hermione returns to Hogwarts to work as an apprentice under Filius Flitwick. A frustrated Ron, unhappy with Hermione being so busy (and often with Severus) as well as his own position as an auror trainee unwittingly casts a spell that sends Hermione right into Severus Snape’s arms.



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Fic posted: A Solitary Man, HP, HG/SS, complete in 44 parts, FRM

It has been a while. I haven't been writing much, personal stuff galore for the past few years that just haven't kept me in a writing mood. That's changed recently so here we are. I will not be posting the completed work here at my fic journal because admittedly I always forget so AO3 or are your reading options for this one. I've posted through parts 5 as of last night and it is complete in 44 parts. I assure you the warnings I use are not indicative that this fic is sad or dark, I'm being courteous in using them. It is a HEA.

TITLE: A Solitary Man

AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan

DISTRIBUTION: My site, AO3,, LiveJournal. Anyone else, please just tell me where it's at.

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Breakfast Club brainstorming help

I have 5-6 Breakfast Club fics I’d like to start working on again and finish them up. The problem is it’s been so long since I’ve worked on them that I’m sort of floundering on what to do / where to go next.

So if anyone would be interested in helping me out, that’d be fabulous. They’re all on my website: in The Breakfast Club section.

I’m not in any hurry or anything, they’re just fics I’d like to finish. You can PM me or reply to this post if you’re interested.


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An update

Hi All!

It’s been quite some time since I updated.

I’ve had some personal issues going on so my writing has progressed at a snail’s pace the past few years. I’m not going to go into detail, but things are on an upswing and I’m thrilled about that.

Recently, my external drive crashed and all of my work that I hadn’t already converted to HTML and uploaded to my website has been lost. Figuring out where to go from there hasn’t been easy.

I have decided, however, to take the crashing of my external drive as my “sign” that I need to start pursuing my endeavor to get my original works published again. I haven’t worked on my original stories in a very long time due to a multitude of reasons. I do feel I’m in the right place all around to start focusing on that again. I’m actually pretty excited, especially now that I have the idea of taking my completed manuscript I wrote after my son’s death 18 years ago and rewriting it. Same  plot, characters, and setting but I’m going to write it now instead of go back and edit what I wrote then. My writing has changed since then (I like to think for the better), so I think this will be a better option to getting my son’s story out there finally. My membership to Romance Writers of America has always remained current, but I let my local chapter membership lapse because there just wasn’t much point in belonging if I couldn’t get to the meetings. I’ve re-upped my membership to it and hope to start going to the meetings beginning in May.

What that means for my fan fiction. I doubt I’ll stop writing fanfic altogether, but for the time being I’m going to work on the following multi-chapter WIP’s (listed under the cut):

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Once these fics are completed I don’t anticipate writing the longer, multi-chapter fics any longer.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me an email at apckrfan @ yahoo DOT com

If some of you decide to leave this journal as a result of this update, I completely understand. I hope one day, though, to use it to announce bigger and better things.

To all of you who have stood by me and read my work the past nineteen years or so, I appreciate you.

Susan / apckrfan
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A brief update

For anyone who's been waiting for updates from me I want to apologize. I've been going through a divorce and some issues with my daughter that distracted me a bit. The divorce has been finalized (now just to get him out of the house!) and the situation with my daughter is getting taken care of. So I'm in a better place to spend time writing.

I will have a new (complete) The Breakfast Club fic to post for this round of smallfandombang, which is what I spent what time I had to write the past few months working on since it had a due date.

Mostly what I have open right now is The Breakfast Club stuff with a couple of Adventures in Babysitting fics thrown into the mix. I also have a couple older pieces (Heroes and a BtVS/Slither/Heroes) that I plan on working again too, soon.

I've been hugely derelict at posting here when I do update so my website is the best place to find updates as I only post completed works at my fic journal.

Hope everyone had a good Easter and is having a blessed spring.

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Updates 3/3-5/5/2015 (Breakfast Club, Agent Carter)

Here are myupdates for the past couple of months. I didn't write much in April, but hopefully I'm back on track now:

Triple Shot of That Juice
Part 1 added Mar. 17, 2015 and is complete. This is an Agent Carter fic. General spoilers for the complete series, specifically Valediction (1x08). Peggy decides to take Daniel up on his offer of a drink after all. This is a Peggy/Daniel fic. 3,073 words

Cold As Stone
Thru Part 23 added Apr. 08, 2015 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. Set about ten years after the movie. laire asks John for an unusual favor when she’s in a wedding where someone is trying to set her up with someone she doesn’t like. 2,870 words.

Breaking It Wide Open
Thru Part 15 added Apr. 13, 2015 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. Set about eight months after the events in the movie. John has a secret he managed to graduate high school without anyone finding out. Claire finds out inadvertently. It's a Claire/John fic with an OC as well as a bit of a crossover with Adventures in Babysitting. You don't have to have seen AiB to get this fic, I'm just borrowing some characters and this fic is set a couple years before the events in AiB anyway. 4,481 words.\

Slowly Melting
Part 1 added Apr. 01, 2015 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. John runs into Claire working a most unexpected occupation, not realizing there’s a very good reason she’s there. There will be some jealous John in here until he discovers her reasons for doing what she’s doing. Because why would he be nice about finding out Claire Standish was working as a stripper? 11,022 words.

I Turned Away
Part 1-42 of 42 added Apr. 13, 2015. This is a The Breakfast Club fic and is complete. Four years after the movie, Claire gets a late night phone call from the last person she'd expect to hear from. This is a Claire/John fic and is very long. It sort of took on a mind of its own as I was writing it. 204,000 words +/-. Written for Round 4 at LJ community smallfandombang.

Part 3 added May 05, 2015 and is a WIP. This is a The Breakfast Club fic. General Spoilers for the movie. If you’ve seen it you’re golden, however, this is a bit AU. Things are not exactly as they seem to be between John and Claire that day of detention. 3,023 words.